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To start with, we can do little better than to share THIS ARTICLE to help you decide to have a ceilidh at your wedding.

A wedding ceilidh means a fantastic, enjoyable fun party at your wedding reception and is a great way for all ages to mix and celebrate your special day.

Please don’t think that the ceilidh is only for the very experienced - it’s not. For those who are less familiar with ceilidhs, or who ‘don’t dance’, our caller can take you through step by step, at a pace where everyone can join in and enjoy the experience.

Our focus is on enjoyment; to put all at ease and have an amazing experience. 

When planning a ceilidh for your wedding, we will arrange to speak with you to understand your specific details and requests. We can also take care of your first dance, either playing the recording through our PA system, or playing live if you’d prefer to dance to a traditional tune.

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