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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we don’t know the dances and or dance moves?

Don’t worry! The band comes with an experienced caller who will take you through all the dances. She will tailor the dances to suit any audience and is used to calling for mixed crowds.



What type of music do you play?

We play a wide selection of popular, mainly traditional folk tunes from the British Isles and America, including tunes written by ourselves and friends.



Do you just play ceilidh music?

As a band we play ceilidh music and can happily fill a whole evening. We are happy to provide short instrumentals to allow for refreshment breaks between dances. 


Can you play requests /first dances?

We will work with you to accommodate your personal requests. We are able to play a CD/mp3 for first dances through our PA system if required.



Is the music going to be too loud?

The band comes with a professional quality PA system which is capable of filling venues, both small and large. We will adjust the sound levels to meet your requirements.



How far would you travel?

We are based in Lincolnshire and regularly play in the neighbouring counties of Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. We are able to travel and would love to hear from you.



How much do you cost?

All our events are customised to your individual wishes. For a personal quote please 

tel 07906 769963 or email

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