Your Ceilidh.

A Ceilidh (pronounced "Kay-lee") is many things to many people. It derives from the Gaelic word meaning a 'visit' and originally meant just that. It developed into an informal social gathering with Scottish or Irish folk music, singing and dancing. Many of us have memories of ceilidhs and barn dancing from our past and it provides a fantastic opportunity to remember and relive forgotten enjoyment.

A ceilidh is possibly the best way to gather people of all ages together in a highly sociable environment. It is a great way to celebrate a memorable event be it a special celebration, wedding, birthday or corporate event.

It is always our aim to provide the right atmosphere for the evening whether it be a relaxed night, or an energetic knees-up with a full night of dancing. Our repertoire includes a wide range of music including a wide variety of Irish, Scottish and English traditional tunes.

The band always have a caller on hand to take everyone, from those who havenít to those who have, through the dancing steps. We do understand that the thought of a Ceilidh can seem daunting, but those new to it, comment on how easy it was too get the hang of the steps and what good fun it was. Knowing that many guests may have never ceilidh danced before we try to start by keep things simple. The typical ceilidh dances that we call are: Gay Gordonís, Dashing White Sergeant, Flying Scotsman, Virginia Reel, Canadian Barn dance, Circassian Circle and the St Bernardís Waltz to progress to more complicated dances as experience and confidence progresses.

We do understand that you will want your event to run smoothly from start to finish. Akmedís Camel pride themselves on that personal touch and will confidently liaise with you or your event co-ordinator to create a personalised schedule which operates within a realistic time frame. We offer the same high level of professional personal service to all of those requesting our services.

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